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Foam Sklerotherapy

In foam sklerotherapy a substance that initiates an atrophic effect (Polidocanol), which is foamed up with air, effects an intentional damaging of the inner surface of the vein (Intima). In turn, the vein degenerates and will be absorbed by the body in the following weeks or months.

Process of foam sklerotherapy

The substance with atrophic effect is injected into the malicious vein under supersonic guidance. This intervention is painless.

Foam sklerotherapy is best suited for recurring varicose veins so those which re-occur years following a treatment. In some cases it can be applied to the greater veins (vena saphena magna, vena saphena parva) and their side branches.

Foam Sklerotherapy

Negatives of this therapy might be:

  • - temporarily hardened, tangible and sometime painful vene sections
  • - hyperpigmentation (tinted sections along the treated vein), which, however, will disappear in weeks/months
  • - more than a single injection is often necessary, until the effected vene is completely closed.