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Following the affection of the Vena saphena magna (great saphenous vein) or the Vena saphena parva (small saphenous vein) the side branches of these veins are also being affected.

These side branches are often visible or touchable as twisted veins at the thigh or lower leg. The affection of these varicose veins of the side branches are commonly the reason that patients consult the physician. Even after successful operations new varicose veins can re-occur which are called recurring varicose veins. The side branches of the veins as well as the recurring varicose veins are removed with phlebektomy.

The procedure

The procedure is carried out ambulatory. 

The respective varicose vein that is to be removed will be marked with a pen on the leg of the standing patient. Then, a local anaesthetic and adrenalin (a cell shrinking medicine) is infiltrated to make the procedure painless and anaemic. The procedure involves the removal of the varicose veins through small 2-3 mm incisions in the skin overlying the veins.

Upon completion of the procedure a bandage is applied, which can be removed the next day. In a few, rare cases, compression stockings need to be worn for a limited period of time. The patient can usually return to normal light activity immediately after the procedure and continue to work. Taking a shower after the first day is allowed.