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Recurring varicose veins

Recurring varicose veins are those varicose veins, that re-develop after months or years following a successful therapy. The rate of the development of recurring varicose veins is approximately 20% of all cases. These can develop in the groin as well as in some side branches of the upper or lower leg.

In a few cases this can be caused by an inadequate therapy or, in most cases, by genetical predisposition. Depending on the medical evidence the recurred varicose veins can be removed by conservative therapy (surgical treatment), as phlebectomy, through foam sclerotherapy or the endovenous therapies of ClosureFast or laser ablation.


All patients with varicose veins should periodically re-consult their vein specialist. This ensures that recurring varicose veins can be diagnosed in an early stage which allows a small intervention by ambulantly applying one of the modern, endovenous methods.