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Spider Vein Therapy

Spider veins are small dilated blood vessels near the surface of the skin (Teleangiectasias). They are blue or red and therefore visible, in particular on pale skin. They equally occur for women and men, mostly on the legs.

Usually "spider veins" are of cosmetic relevance only.


The so called Sklerotherapy with alcohol or Glycerin (Sclérémo) is considered to be the most effective treatment.

A minimal dose of this liquid is injected into the "spider veins" which in turn athrophe.

Bandages or compression bandages are obsolete. Sunbathing is allowed.

Depending on the clinical picture, the procedure can take just a few minutes to multiple sessions of 30-45 minutes each.Regardless of the extent of the "spider veins", the sklerotherapy cosmetically improves the appearance in almost every case.

Sometimes the process can last a couple of weeks to months until the intended result is achieved.The formerly applied superficial laser therapy has only shown successful results in rare cases.

Spider veins may recur after years in which case the same therapy will be applied with similar results.

Spider Vein therapy before Spider Vein therapy after
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