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Endovenous therapies

Since the inception of endoveous therapies in 1998 various modern methods have established, which can be considered coequal to the conventional operation method crossectomy and stripping.

The principle of all endovenous methods is, that the malicious vein (Vena saphena magna or Vena saphena parva) and their malicious side branches no longer have to be surgically extracted. Instead, this vein can be atrophed or degenerated by a thermal, mechanical or chemical ipuls that is applied to the vein. In turn, the malicious vein degenerates and is fully absorbed by the human body.<

Technologies with thermal impact are the Laser (ELVeS-R, biolitec) and the Venefit -Covidien ClosureFast™-Technology and the Radio frequency method.

Mayor advantages of all endovenous therapies are:

  • ambulant intervention in praxis, no hospitalization needed
  • only local anesthetic needed (instead of part- or general anesthetic)
  • short treatment
  • almost painless
  • no or very short disablement
  • compression stockings only for few days

image endovenous therapies



Various clinical studies confirm, that the results of all these endovenous therapies compare with the conventional therapy by surgery. This matches with our own experience over many years.